Grading Papers

The joy of grading papers.

Technically, our state only requires 180 days of instruction. Nothing else. I always write what we do during the day so I can go back to see if need be. This year, 4th grade for our oldest, is our first year grading work. We figure at least it’ll give him some idea of traditional school if he ever needed to go. Unfortunately, the used textbooks didn’t come with a teacher’s edition. This means that I also have to work out every problem. My smart-ass son recently said “Mom, why do you have to use a calculator? Does that mean you’re dumber than me since I don’t get to use one?” Trying to tell him that I already know how to do it and the calculator just helps me grade faster seems like an excuse to him.

It also doesn’t help that I have to decode some papers before I can even grade it. Boy, are you trying to confuse me?! He says he’s trying to put as much on one paper as he can.