Normal Days

What does a normal day look like for us? I don’t think there are any “normal days” for us. They vary from day to day depending on me, the kids, or what’s happening that day. We tried going by a schedule but I completely suck at following my own schedule.

So some days are like this:

Sitting at the table and doing math, English, spelling, vocabulary, writing, geography, alternating science/history.

Then some days are like this:

Bundled up and reading in the trampoline.
Making homemade muffins and waiting, rather impatiently, for them.
Goofing off on a field trip.

This week’s work looked like this:

Mondayspelling out loud, wrote spelling words 5x each, math (mental division such as 36÷6, 360÷6, 3600÷6), cursive practice, walked/jogged on treadmill, and wrote a short story in his journal.

Tuesdayspelling out loud, wrote some of the bigger words 5x each, introduced long division (he was a bit confused), 2 pages of cursive practice, covered capitalization and punctuation in English, walked/jogged on treadmill, and visited with grandparents.

Wednesday spelling out loud, put spelling words in alpha order, cursive practice, long division practice (was still a bit confused), visited with his great-grandmother and cousins, celebrated his brother’s 3rd birthday with us and grandparents.

Thursdayspelling out loud, more long division practice (it finally clicked!), covered abbreviations in his English, 15-20 minutes of Spanish on Duolingo, watched videos on YouTube about Southeast region of the US (what we previously were reading in his history book), and visited with grandparents.

Fridayspelling test, more long division practice (100%!), cursive practice, finished English work that he started yesterday, reading comprehension/vocabulary test, had to retake the reading comprehension test (anything under a C has to be done over again, he obviously didn’t even read it), 15-20 minutes of Spanish on Duolingo, watched another video about the Southeast region, and watched a Bill Nye episode.

Some days are light and some we try to pile as much as we can into it. So far it seems to be working for us.