2017-2018 School Year

Earlier I mentioned that I sucked at following my own schedules. I always kind of knew that but didn’t realize how badly I sucked at it until this year.

Last summer, I spent weeks looking through all of Marshall’s textbooks. I figured out how many lessons we needed to cover in a week to finish the entire book. I wrote out my lesson plans in a composition notebook with the weekly plan. We were going to have 4 weeks of school/1week off throughout the year with 4 weeks off for winter break and 4 weeks off for summer break. I spent time finding supplemental books about the subjects we were covering. Science experiments to go along with some lessons. I planned out our daily routine with all school getting done by noon. I thought it looked AMAZING! We were going to accomplish a ton!

Week 1 with everyday stuff being spelling, reading, and writing.
Week 2
Weekly Schedule
Hourly Schedule

Then, the school year began and reality kicked in. What the fuck was I thinking?! We are absolutely not morning people. I would sleep until 10am if I could and so would Marshall. I wake up earlier because Nicholas wakes up early and because my sister-in-law shows up for the day. Some work took longer than others because sometimes we can’t focus for shit. Nicholas was clingy when I needed to help Marshall. The plan went right out the window!

The only thing I’ve stuck with is 4 weeks of school/1 week off with 4 weeks off for winter and 4 weeks off for summer. Marshall and I both really enjoy that. He gets a mini vacation and I get a week to focus on trying to take back the house that has become a fucking mess. Marshall helps out cleaning some but most of the time it’s a bigger help to play with Nicholas so I can do what needs to be done.

This week is one of our weeks off. Wish me luck!