Getting “Behind” in Schooling

I think it’s safe to say most of us who homeschool worry about our child falling “behind”. It probably doesn’t help when we have family members worrying and bringing it up. But why does my child need to know this at age 6 when they could learn and understand better at age 8?

Marshall was starting to learn to read around 6 years old. He knew some sight words but struggled to sound out words. I kept reading that children will read when they’re ready, don’t push it, relax. So when he was 7, I stopped with the reading instruction. Stopped forcing him to read out loud. Do you know what happened? Within a year his reading abilities exploded! It all kicked in for him. He was on the computer daily and was reading things in his games. He was reading billboards as we drove down the street. After a year, I had him start reading out loud again every now and then. He was doing great!

Another thing we struggled with was spelling. Spelling brought tears and frustration. So I gave up. We didn’t do any spelling until he was 8. Was he “behind”? I guess, technically, he was since he would be in 2nd grade at the time and not spelling words on a kindergarten list. I was upset/stressed about this even though it was my fault. I felt, and still feel, inadequate since he’s “behind”. Marshall just turned 10, he’s in 4th grade (well, 4th…..ish as I like to tell people), and he’s now working through a 2nd grade spelling list. BUT he now enjoys it (as far as school work goes), he can already spell 1/4 to 1/2 of every week’s list, he’s proud of himself for learning the bigger words, and he has confidence. And who the fuck said a 2nd grader needs to know how to spell observe, predict, geometry, ect.? So what if he’s learning them at 10 years old instead of 8? Does it really matter as long as he’s learning?

If anyone is interested, I get our list from


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